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Popular Shopping Centers & Traditional Markets in Jakarta

Whether you love luxury or prefer bargain hunting underground, shopping in Jakarta is endless! The capital of Indonesia boasts over 120 shopping centers, and even more traditional markets are scattered everywhere. Anytime you shop in a city that has the world’s largest shopping mall floor area (5.5 square kilometers), you can start with high-end fashion malls and end up in flea markets!

Experience Jakarta

1. Grand Indonesia

Luxurious and spacious, Grand Indonesia is not only a shopping paradise but also a perfect place for a family outing. The East Mall and West Mall complexes are connected by the Sky Bridge, not far from the Welcome Monument, an iconic statue that depicts the nature and aspirations of the Indonesian people. Explore 10 levels featuring over 200 renowned brands and trendy clothing stores, as well as more than 100 upscale restaurants and fast-food outlets. Immerse yourself in Indonesian culture at the Galeri Indonesia Kaya, and when you’re in the West Mall, be sure to catch the dancing fountain show.

Pasar Baru

2. Pasar Baru

With over 150 traditional markets in Jakarta, it’s hard to say which one is the locals’ favorite, but if you base it on age and size, Pasar Baru is the winner. Built in 1820 and located in Central Jakarta, Pasar Baru is not only one of the oldest shopping areas in the city but also so large that it has its own postal code! Locals refer to this area as Little India due to the many Indian immigrants who have settled there, and thousands of Jakarta residents flock to the market every day to buy local goods and basic necessities. Enter the winding corridors of Pasar Baru to find everything from affordable textiles and Indian spices to trendy musical instruments and footwear. And don’t forget to haggle when shopping here!

Jalan Surabaya

3. Jalan Surabaya

On the outskirts of the most modern area in Jakarta, there is a street filled with ancient artifacts. Test your keen eye while shopping along Jalan Surabaya, where shop owners sell a wide range of items from brassware to wayang (traditional puppets). In addition to the numerous antique stores, this area also attracts art enthusiasts and bookworms who appreciate great deals. The market here has been a draw in the heart of the city since the 1970s and has attracted celebrities like Mick Jagger, Sharon Stone, and former US President Bill Clinton.

Blok M

4. Blok M

Blok M is famous in Jakarta as a shopping area for great deals, and for good reason. Located in South Jakarta, the main shopping centers in this area are Blok M Square and Blok M Plaza. Both shopping centers are renowned for their incredible array of discounted products. Spend your day bargaining for the best prices on electronics, jewelry, clothing, and accessories, and when your shopping bags are full, head to Little Tokyo or nearby Jalan Melawai to fill your stomach at one of the authentic Japanese restaurants famous in the area.

Ancol Market

5. Ancol Art Market (PASAR SENI)

Test your creativity by creating artwork, or have your portrait painted on the spot in the most complex art adventure area in Jakarta. Located in the same area as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Pasar Seni Ancol showcases more than 100 unique Indonesian art and craft stalls, as well as cultural opportunities. Watch Javanese batik painters in action, or enjoy wayang (traditional puppet) performances. Some vendors are also skilled in silver craftsmanship and traditional cuisine, offering live workshops and culinary festivals throughout the week. This market is the only place in the world where locals still create textiles using the double ikat weaving technique, a rare craft perfected only in Indonesia, India, and Japan.

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