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Exciting Weekend Activities while Staycation in Jakarta!

Experience Jakarta

Staycation has indeed become a trend in recent years. With staycation, you can still experience the feeling of staying away from home, making your vacation ambiance different as well.

Activity Jakarta

For those of you residing around the capital city, you might have frequently experienced staycations in Jakarta. However, if you feel like your Jakarta staycations have been somewhat ordinary, now is the perfect time to step up the game! Come on, let’s explore these exciting activities to ensure that your staycation moments in Jakarta won’t be boring!

Taman Hiburan

Visit an amusement park

Who says visiting amusement parks is just for kids? If you find yourself incredibly bored during your Jakarta staycation, there’s no harm in trying out a trip to the amusement parks in Jakarta. For instance, you can pay a visit to Ancol’s Fantasy World (Dufan) or The Wave Waterpark in Pondok Indah.

Want to explore an unconventional amusement park experience? Well, consider heading to Trans Snow World for some snow fun or Seaworld if you’re truly captivated by the wonders of the marine world.


Trying out a new sports activity

Staycation doesn’t mean you just lounge around the hotel, you know! If you’re a sports enthusiast but want to try something new—beyond just jogging or hitting the gym, you can explore some new activities like shooting, ice skating, or even giving bowling a shot!

Can you really do all these sports activities during your staycation in Jakarta? Absolutely! Staying at a Jakarta hotel gives you easy access to a variety of exciting sports activities you can try out.

It’s not just shooting, ice skating, or bowling either. You can also experience indoor archery and trampolining! For those of you keen on trying out trampolining, Jakarta has numerous locations you can visit. For instance, Bounce Street Asia in Artha Gading, North Jakarta.

Culinary Delights

Hunting for culinary delights

With its status as a major city in Indonesia, it’s no wonder there’s a wide variety of culinary delights to savor. From Acehnese noodles to Papua’s papeda, you can find it all in Jakarta. International cuisines are also abundant. Whether you crave French cuisine or Korean dishes, you can easily find them.

Now, instead of spending your staycation in Jakarta just lounging around, it’s worth visiting some culinary spots in Jakarta that you haven’t explored yet.

Not only can it help alleviate boredom, but you can also savor new dishes in new places! That way, you’ll get to know Jakarta’s intricacies and all its delicious cuisine even better!

Join The Tour

Join the Tour

The tours mentioned, for example, include tours of the Thousand Islands, Ragunan Zoo, or the Jakarta City Tour and Batik Class.

Admittedly, the tours offered for Jakarta are somewhat limited. However, with the presence of tour agents and various facilities offered, touring in Jakarta becomes even more exciting.

For instance, in the case of the Thousand Islands tour, the fee you pay already includes accommodation, various water sports activities, entrance fees to the island tourist locations, and guide services.


Pamper Yourself

Staycation is allowed, but skipping self-care is not! In fact, staycation can be the best moment if you’ve been too busy with weekday routines to take care of yourself. With a Jakarta staycation, you’ll be closer to various options for salons, spas, massages, as well as skincare, facial, and nail treatments.

Now, staycation is made easier with Traveloka Xperience. Here, you can find a variety of self-care services currently offering discounts—whether it’s for salons, skincare and facial treatments, or spa and massages.

Expand your skills by taking courses

Interested in making organic soap? Or crafting pottery? You can try out these fun activities during your staycation in Jakarta. The interesting part is, you don’t need to spend days on these courses. Just set aside a few hours, and you can acquire a new skill!

What’s even more appealing is that these cool short courses are available at quite affordable prices. Undoubtedly, the courses offered are totally worth the money.

If you want to become skilled at crafting with wood, you can also find woodworking classes. The tools and materials needed will be provided by the workshop organizers. So, all you need to do is gather your enthusiasm and start learning woodworking from the experts. Interested in joining these courses?

Let's go to the art museum!

Can going to an art museum make your Jakarta staycation less boring? Of course, especially if you go to cool museums like the MACAN Museum or the Magic Art 3D Museum Jakarta. Indeed, what exciting activities are there at these two museums?

MACAN Museum is the first art museum in Indonesia to present modern and contemporary art works from world-famous artists. In this museum, you can see displays of unique and out-of-the-box works of art. Even though this museum is still considered ‘young’ (built in 2017), it is very popular – especially among millennials.

Magic Art 3D Museum Jakarta is located in the Old City area of Jakarta. With its strategic location, it is not surprising that this museum, which has many trick art paintings on various themes, is visited by many people – both young and old.

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